Updation / Correction of DATA on SIS/HRMIS Portal – Directorate of Public Instructions (EE) Punjab Lahore issued a Notification on 10-08-2022 in connection with the Updation / Correction of DATA on SIS / HRMIS Portal. The details are as under:

Updation / Correction of DATA on SIS/HRMIS Portal

Reference this Directorate letter issued from time to time on the subject cited above.

  1. Referring to the above-mentioned letter, it is a regular practice that before the opening of the e-transfer round this assignment is entrusted to all CEOs (DEA) to ensure all sanctioned posts and new SNE if any must be reflected on SIS, so that teachers may be able to apply for e-Transfer. Furthermore, in SIS and HRMIS systems, the option has been made available in teacher login that they can submit the request regarding correction on HRMIS / SIS Portal.
  2. It has also been observed that adjustments orders of promoted teachers are pending due to fewer Preferences given by the candidates. Similarly, the posting/adjustment orders of teachers who have been placed at the disposal and waiting for posting, orders could not be issued due to less preference given by them.
  3. It has been decided by the authority that in the coming e-transfer phase posting orders of all promoted and awaiting posting teachers will be issued. If any teacher failed to add sufficient preferences, his/her posting order will be issued against any available vacant post on a need basis no excuse will be considered after issuance of the posting order.
  4. You are therefore directed to ensure the following tasks. 
    • Correction of teachers’ data (where required)
    • Ensure tagging of all promoted teachers for the actualization of their promotions.
    • All available vacant posts must have shown in the system.

Admissions Open in Military College Murree Year 2023

Please ensure compliance in letter and spirit.

Updation / Correction of DATA on SIS/HRMIS Portal
Updation / Correction of DATA on SIS/HRMIS Portal