Admissions Open in Military College Murree Year 2023 – The Officer Incharge Admission Branch, MCM has released an advertisement for open enrollment at Military College of Murree (Class 8th) in 2023. (Upper Topa Murree Hills). The specifics are as follows:

Admissions Open in Military College Murree Year 2023

Admission to the 8th grade at Murree Military College in the academic year 2023

For entrance to the eighth grade at Military College Murree, applications are necessary. Download the website’s prospectus or entrance form ( Completely fill out the entry form, attach relevant documentation (such as educational credentials and an original copy of a receipt for payment of fees), and submit it to the admissions officer for the institution.


Admissions are exclusively open to army officers (currently serving or retired), junior commissioned officers/civil (currently serving or retired), and civil armed forces (Punjab, Rangers, and only one FC Khyber Pakhtunkhawa junior commissioned officer/civil), and offspring of civilians.

Up to April 2023, a 7th-class pass is required.

Age restriction: 12 to 14 years old till April 2023.

Selection Procedure:

Admission is based on qualifications. After the applicant has passed the written test, the IQ test, the interview, and the medical test, they are chosen. Soon, written exams will be administered in Peshawar, Abbottabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Sialkot, and Multan.

Admission schedule:

Sr #ScheduleDate
1.Last date to submit the Admission Form30 September 2022
2.Last date of submit a Late fee20 October 2022
3.Written Paper06 November 2022
4.InterviewJanuary 2023
5.Classes StartMay 2023

How to Get Information: If you would like further information, please call these numbers.

Military telephone number PTCL (051-3752010-11 (8021- 33527-28)

Officer in charge of the admissions office of Murree Military College (Upper Topa Murree Mills)