Wockhardt Hospital Rajkot ​– Launching ​World-class Healthcare in Gujarat’s Heartland

Wockhardt Hospital Rajkot has introduced global ​standards of ​advanced tertiary healthcare ​to Gujarat’s ​vibrant heartland. Equipped ​with cutting-edge ​infrastructure and medical ​expertise, the ​hospital provides comprehensive ​treatment across ​35+ specialties under ​one roof.

​State-of-the-Art Infrastructure at ​Core of ​Care Delivery

As a 350-bed multispecialty hospital, Wockhardt Rajkot houses gleaming state-of-the-art infrastructure enabling accurate diagnosis and effective treatment like:

  • 128 Slice CT Scanner, 1.5 Tesla MRI
  • Fully Equipped Modular Operation Theatres
  • Advanced ICUs With Ventilators & Dialysis Units
  • 24×7 Emergency & Trauma Care Facilities
  • In-house Laboratory, Pharmacy & Cafeteria

Such future-ready technology empowers Wockhardt’s experienced doctors to perform even most complex treatments seamlessly – elevating healthcare standards in Rajkot.

Bringing Together Outstanding Medical Talent

Wockhardt has assembled an outstanding team of full-time doctors with global exposure across critical specializations like:

  • Cardiac Sciences
  • Neurology & Neurosurgery
  • Minimal Access & General Surgery
  • Orthopedics & Joint Replacements
  • Urology & Renal Sciences
  • Pulmonology & Critical Care

Access to such expansive medical expertise under a single roof provides tremendous healthcare convenience.

Customized Holistic Care for Complete Wellbeing

Leveraging its advanced infrastructure and talent, Wockhardt provides complete patient care customized for each individual including:

  • Personalized Treatment Plans
  • In-House Multi-specialty Consultations
  • Pharmacy, Rehab Services
  • Preventive Health Checks
  • Patient Education & Vaccination Drives

Thereby going beyond disease-based hospital treatment to deliver true wellness.

Upholding Global Standards of Care

As a Patient-First hospital, Wockhardt upholds supreme standards of medical ethics, transparency and patient safety including:

  • Warm Patient-Doctor Relationships
  • Infection Control & Antibiotic Stewardship
  • Regular Medical Education Activities
  • Paperless EMR for Continuity of Care

In summary, Wockhardt Hospital Rajkot brings together clinical excellence, cutting-edge technology and patient-friendly care to provide Gujarat and India treatment on par with global standards.