Clarification on Adhoc and Special Allowance 2022 – For the benefit of government employees, particularly those in the Punjab Province who received both the Adhoc and Special Allowance 2022, I am releasing the Clarification Adhoc and Special Allowance 2022 here. I have thoroughly described the entire issue in order to clear up any ambiguity:

Clarification on Adhoc and Special Allowance 2022

The admissibility of Adhoc Allowance and Special Allowance is unclear to the employees. On Facebook and Gmail, I have seen a lot of comments regarding the clarification. This misinformation about the validity of these allowances was widely disseminated on social media, which is what led to this confusion.

Reality of ARA-2022 and SA-2022

Recently, the Punjab Finance Department published a notification for Special Allowance 2022 @ 15% on the Basic Pay of the Running Pay Scales of 2017. The Finance Division issued Adhoc Relief 2022 on the running basic pay of the 2017 pay scales in a similar manner to the Notification of Revised Pay Scales 2022 Punjab. Here, the essential components of basic wage are as follows:

1. The First Basic Salary of the 2017 Pay Scales

2. Current or Active Basic Pay Scales for 2017

3. The current or ongoing basic pay scales for 2022

Based on the aforementioned three basic salaries, the employee would receive these allowances. However, the second option was indicated in the notification by the finance department. The second option is explained as follows:

Current or Running Basic Pay of 2017 Pay Scales

Here, the term “current or running basic pay” refers to the Basic Pay that the employee was receiving as of June 30, 2022. For newly hired employees, this basic pay may be their first, and for those who have worked for the company for more than a year, it may be their first salary plus annual raises, etc. The initial basic wage no longer includes these allowances. Similarly, the employees would not receive these allowances based on their running basic salary under the Revised Pay Scales 2022. Prior to the adjustment of the Basic Pay rates in 2022, they will get these allowances based only on basic pay.

Adhoc and Special Allowance 2022
Adhoc and Special Allowance 2022


Consider a BPS-11 employee who will be paid 16970 as a base salary on June 30, 2022. His Special Allowance for 2022 will be 16970 x 15/100, or 2545 per month. Even if the increased basic salary in the 2022 pay scale is 25200/- and the first basic pay is 12570/-.