Visit the PPSC Website

Navigate to the official Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) website at or go directly to the jobs page:

Use a Computer

  • Choose the position you want to apply for and click “Proceed” after reviewing the details and eligibility criteria.
  • Read the “Important Instructions” and “EPay User Manual”, select the agreement checkbox, and click “Apply Online.”
  • Enter your CNIC Number and click “Proceed.”

Personal Information

  • Personal Profile: Enter your Email Address and Mobile Number, click “Proceed” and confirm your Email and Mobile on the next page.
  • Fill in your details including Date of Birth, Gender, Employment Type, Disability Status, Armed Forces Status, etc. and click “Proceed.”
  • Provide all the information in the Personal Information Section and click “Save Information.”
  • Click “Proceed” to continue your application.

Pay Application Fee

Fee Payment: The system will generate your Payment System ID Number (PSID). Pay the required fee for the position as instructed in the “EPay User Manual” (see Step 3). Refer to the fee payment protocol on the official PDF (Fees paid by old Challan Form (32-A), Bank Draft, Pay Order and Cheque are not accepted.)

Upload Photo

Photo Upload: Upload your latest photo and CNIC (Front) image. Note the maximum file size is 25KB. See photo requirements on the official PDF.

Add Qualifications and Experience

Add Qualifications and Experience: Enter your education details and click “Save Information.” Add your work experience (if applicable) and click “Save Information.”

Final Submission

  • Final Submission: If you’ve provided all required information, the “Submit Application” button will be enabled. Click it to go to the Submission Page. Read the agreement, check the box, and click “Submit Application.”
  • You’ll receive an Application Number confirming successful submission. You’ll also get confirmation of submission and Token Number (to Edit/Print your application) via Email and SMS.

See the instructions PDF for full details.

Step by Step Guide

StepWhat To Do
1Go to the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) official website
2Use a computer or laptop to apply online. Do not apply manually.
3Choose the job position you want to apply for and click “Proceed” after checking the details and eligibility criteria. Read the “Important Instructions” and “EPay User Manual,” select the agreement box, and click “Apply Online.”
4Enter your CNIC number and click “Proceed.”
5Provide your personal details including email address, mobile number, date of birth, gender, etc. and click “Proceed.” Confirm your email and mobile number on the next page.
6Fill in all of your personal information sections and click “Save Information” when complete. Click “Proceed” to move forward with the application.
7Pay the job application fee as instructed in the “EPay User Manual.” You will receive a PSID number. Refer to the official PDF for accepted payment methods.
8Upload your recent photograph and CNIC image (maximum 25KB in size). See official size and format requirements on the PDF.
9Enter your educational qualifications and work experience details. Click “Save Information” after filling in each section.
10If all required information is provided, the “Submit Application” button will activate. Click it to access the submission page.
11Read the agreement, check the agreement box, and click “Submit Application.”
12You will receive an application number and confirmation of submission via email and text message.

Important Points

  1. If you lost your application number, you can find it using the link on the PPSC website. Go to this page and enter your CNIC number, then click the “Find Application Number” button. Your application number for all PPSC jobs you have applied for will be displayed in a table, allowing you to retrieve the number you need.
  2. If you change the mobile number you originally entered in your online PPSC application form, you must inform them of your new number. Send a signed letter by post along with a copy of your original valid CNIC, your new phone number, application number, and name of the job post you applied for. Address the letter to the Secretary of PPSC. The Commission will not be responsible for ensuring you receive updates if you change your number without notifying them.
  3. For all PPSC job positions that require taking a written examination followed by an interview, or just an interview, there is a limit of 3 chances allowed if you fail in the written test or interview for a specific post. After failing 3 times, you will not be allowed further attempts for that particular position.
  4. Medical Fitness Certificates issued within the last 3 months prior to the advertisement deadline by the Medical Superintendent of District Headquarters Hospital or Services Hospital Lahore are acceptable as per PPSC Regulations and Policy Decisions. Certificates should not be older than 3 months at time of submission.
  5. When calculating candidates’ experience, PPSC will only consider professional experience acquired in the relevant field while working at recognized institutions in the Public Sector or Private Sector. Part-time, unpaid, or irrelevant experience does not count.
  6. Research papers published in journals or conferences that are not serious academic publications will not be accepted. This includes review articles, case studies, translations, briefs, non-peer reviewed conference presentations, etc. Only papers in proper peer-reviewed academic journals are admissible.

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