Richard, a phenomenal writer and prosperous entrepreneur, began his life with nothing and now has every luxury one could desire. Although he has a fascinating backstory, he is most recognized for creating the Flamin Hot Cheetos flavor.

Read this article through to the very end to learn about his amazing life story and net worth, as well as how he went from nothing to one hundred thousand dollars with a simple invention.

Concerning Richard Montanez

Currently serving as vice president of multicultural sales and community promotions for the well-known Pepsico corporation, Richard is an extremely accomplished and diligent individual. In addition, he uses his skills alone to teach kids about leadership without the need for a degree.

Childhood And Family

He had a lot of difficulties in school and found it difficult to comprehend simple writing and reading, which is why he chose to leave school rather than complete his degree. Later, he began working odd jobs around his neighborhood for little money, but he gave it his all. His friend told him that a generator job was available at the Frito Lay plant early in 1976, so he went to work there.

He once heard his grandfather say that one should always give their all, regardless of the work involved. He soon made an impression later on in the job, and he added that every time someone entered the room he had cleaned, they commented on how fresh it looked.

His Career and Important Achievers

In addition to his janitorial tasks, he used to observe the factory machinery producing goods for the business. A few Cheetos dropped when a machine failed one day. He picked them up and brought them home to experiment with a new Cheeto flavor by adding chili powder, a common ingredient in Mexican cuisine. After asking his loved ones to sample his flavor, they urged him to approach the company’s managers and make a presentation.

He called the CO and asked whether he might present his flavor after getting a lot of courage. He went to buy a tie and a business book to learn how to properly prepare his pitch after the CEO said yes. The taste was well-received by the firm, and now it is well-known worldwide as the flamin hot Cheetos flavor.

Several Unknown Facts About Him

Richard was raised in a single, one-bedroom apartment with ten siblings, all of whom were born in Mexico. He has had unequal treatment since he was a little child because society viewed him as belonging to a lower social class.

of addition to writing two novels on his life, he will be the lead of a biopic.

He is married to Judy; together, they have four grandchildren and three sons.


His tale is the real inspiration for how to go from having nothing to becoming a millionaire, and his entire net worth is estimated to be over $14 million. He’s inspired a number of people. Being the CEO of PepsiCo and creating the sexy Cheetos are his main sources of revenue. Help others by giving motivational speeches and training in leadership.