Are you curious about how to Remove Outlook Duplicate Emails? Do you use Outlook and get hundreds of emails that are the same every day? Duplicate emails are a common problem that everyone faces. However, as messages pile up, it becomes unsettling to remove them because of concern for the loss of important information.

Additionally, duplicate emails degrade the app’s speed and general efficiency, making it clumsy and sluggish and, in extreme circumstances, corrupting the PST.

This post will explain the reasons for duplicate emails, the negative effects of duplicate emails, how to manually remove numerous emails from Outlook, and a professional way to do it.

Note: Outlook 365, 2019, 2016, and 2013 can all be deleted from duplicate emails using the techniques covered here.


Potential Reasons for Outlook Email Duplication:

  • Short Send/Receive Intervals: When emails are updated within a short range. The mailbox’s components are not properly synchronized, leading to data duplication.
  • Incorrect rule setup can result in conflicting rules operating concurrently, which can lead to duplicate emails, dates, data, and messages.
  • Third-Party Antivirus: There is a remote possibility that an antivirus program will intercept the send/receive operation.
  • Improperly Configured Mailbox: If your mail is set up improperly. You can end yourself getting the same emails twice.

These are a few of the causes of duplicate emails that might appear in Outlook.

Why would Outlook delete identical emails?

The following are some drawbacks of maintaining several copies of an email:

  1. Duplicate emails disrupt your workflow, which reduces productivity.
  2. If an email is copied more than once and has attachments, the size of the PST file can grow.
  3. Outlook client performance and loading times can deteriorate as it gets sluggish and hangs.
  4. Companies must react to emails from clients; repeatedly responding to the same email is unprofessional and causes misunderstandings for both parties.
  5. These are some of the factors that make it essential to delete numerous copies of an email.
  6. Delete duplicate emails from Outlook 365, 2019, 2016, 2013, and other versions.

There are several methods for removing duplicate emails from Outlook, which are briefly covered below:

You can change the PST file configuration more than once. Here, duplicates are caused by several accounts adding to Outlook using the same PST file.
To fix it, use approach 1.

Method 1: Examine account settings in Outlook to get rid of duplicate emails.

  1. Navigate to “File”->”Info”->”Account” Settings after starting Microsoft Outlook. Remove many Outlook emails
  2. Select “Account Settings” -> “Account Settings.”
  3. Navigate to the Email tab and search for the account name. If it shows twice, choose to delete the email account. How to get rid of redundant emails in Outlook
  4. To close the window, click the Close button.

Method 2: Eliminate duplicate emails by using import/export

  1. When Microsoft Outlook is open, select File->Open & Export -> Transfer/Import. Taking the same mail-out.
  2. Click the Next button after choosing the Import from another application or file option in the Import and Export Wizard. Delete comparable emails through import/export.
  3. In the Import a file box, choose Outlook Data File (.pst) and click the Next button Cut off comparable emails in Outlook.
  4. Navigate to the PST file in the Import Outlook Data File window, choose Next to move on, and check the box labeled Do not import duplicates Deleting emails from Outlook.
  5. To finish, choose Outlook Data File and Click Finish. deleting emails in Outlook

Method 3: Use an Outlook cleanup tool to get rid of duplicate emails

  • Start the Microsoft Outlook program.
  • Choose the duplicate email-containing Inbox folder.
  • After clicking on “Home,” choose “Cleanup.”Outlook Cleanup Use.
  • Choose from the following options: Clean up Folders, Clean up Conversation, Clean up Folders and Subfolders.
  • Select the Empty folder option when you right-click on the Deleted Items folder to permanently eliminate deleted emails.

Limitations on Manually Eliminating Duplicate Emails from Outlook:

  • An error message stating that “No messages were cleaned up” occasionally appears while using the Clean Up tool. During the procedure, only messages that meet your clean-up preferences will be relocated to the trash folder.
  • In case the PST file is not too large, you could think about utilizing the techniques.
  • Using these approaches won’t be secure if you run a large organization with several employees and a year’s worth of important sensitive emails; there’s a chance of data loss.
  • Even though the procedures are somewhat simple, emails’ integrity and significance are constantly in jeopardy.

It is thus recommended to use a Smart and Specialized application, such as the Softaken Outlook Duplicate Remover Tool. Which swiftly eliminates all copies of emails and has additional features.

For example, the ability to delete several emails at once, filter emails based on a certain date period, and have an intuitive interface that is accessible to all users.

To sum up:

Email copies are an issue that affects all Outlook users. We’ve covered the causes of duplicate emails in Outlook, their issues, how to manually Remove Outlook Duplicate Emails if you don’t have many, and expert solutions.

It is possible to remove duplicate emails from Outlook 365, 2021, 2019, 2016, and 2013 using all of the techniques covered here. You are free to select any method that best suits your needs.