In terms of flying, comfort and convenience majorly affect the overall travel experience. The seat you pick is another key reason that can benefit or ruin the journey. Alaska Airlines Seat ​Selection policy ​allows travelers to ​select their ​desired seats in ​advance. Knowing ​the seat selection ​process can ​majorly affect your ​in-flight experience, ​whether you are ​a frequent ​passenger or planning ​your first ​trip with Alaska Airlines.Let’s go into detail and understand the seat selection policy and procedure.

Alaska Airlines Seat Selection Policy: Highlights 

The airline permits travelers to select their desired seats. Passengers can choose a seat while booking a flight. Furthermore, to select a seat, you must follow specific guidelines. Go through the section below to learn about the Alaska Airlines seat assignment

  • According to the policy, the airline assigns seats while booking a flight ticket. However, travelers still have the flexibility to pick their desired seat. 
  • Passengers can also choose their preferred seats anytime during check-in.   
  • The airline provides paid premium seats that they confirm during the seat-selecting process. 
  • The seat selection service is accessible for all flight tickets except savers. 
  • Passengers with economy seats don’t have to pay additional fees to select their desired seat. 
  • Furthermore, passengers have the option to use the seat selection service at the check-in counter or Kiosk. 

How to Select an Alaska Airlines Seat?

Travelers who need a premium flying experience can pick preferred seats according to the Alaska Airlines seat selection policy and sit where they wish. Follow the sections to learn about the seat selection procedures. 

Method 1: Seat Selection During Booking 

To pick a desired seat at the time of purchasing a flight ticket, follow the steps below. 

  • Head to the Alaska Airlines website and hit the Booking tab. 
  • Specify the departure and arrival information with the preferred dates. 
  • Select the trip type and other essential details for the itinerary and look for flights. 
  • Tap the Find Flight tab from the menu. 
  • Then, choose the Seats option. A map will open up on your screen. 
  • Hit the Select Seat tab and pay the charges. 
  • Lastly, tap the Purchase tab to complete the procedure. 

Method 2: Seat Selection After Booking 

Passengers can select seats after booking a flight ticket. This option is available to travelers who booked their flights from the official booking channels. 

  • Visit the official Alaska Airlines website and move to the Manage section. 
  • Provide the booking reference code along with your name. 
  • Tap the Seat Selection tab and continue. 
  • Check the seat map for accessible seats and pick one. 
  • Pay the applicable fee and confirm. 
  • After this, you will obtain a confirmation with the updated seat information. 

Methods 3: Seat Selection at Check-In 

The airline allows ​you to ​check in within ​24 hours ​of the departure ​to choose ​a seat. Remember, ​if you ​do not get ​a seat ​during check-in, the ​airline will ​assign you a ​seat at ​the boarding gate. 

  • Go to the Alaska Airlines website and hit the Check-In tab. 
  • Submit your booking code and last name. 
  • Pick a seat with the Seat Selection option. 
  • Finish the check-in procedure. 

Final Words

The Alaska Airlines seat selection policy lets you choose a desired seat to fly at ease. Hence, you need to understand the policy and methods to get your preferred seat. However, if you ​experience any ​problems or have ​doubts, contact ​Alaska Airlines customer ​service at ​1-800-ALASKAAIR. Also, you ​can connect ​with independent support ​at +1-800-865-1848 ​to get your queries answered.