The year 2020 has proven to be the most critical for keeping track of your fitness and general well-being. Technology is making it possible to live a healthier lifestyle and protect yourself from viruses and pathogens that are burning like wildfire. As a gadget forum, we believe it is important to distinguish between the good and the poor in the wellness category. That is why we have compiled and updated this list of the best fitness accessories for 2021.

Squeezyband – Hand Sanitizer Bracelet

Remember when COVID-19 was declared a pandemic? People were stockpiling hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray to the point that hospitals couldn’t keep up with demand. Fortunately, everybody will now get a reasonable supply of sanitizer at regular rates.

Last year, the Squeezyband was a great gift for germaphobes, but now it’s much more important to keep a limited supply of hand sanitizer on hand.

This is a small bracelet with a small amount of hand sanitizer attached. Push down on the band to get a drop of sanitizer on your thumb, which you can quickly add on your palms.

It’s a small, easy, and effective way to keep your hands bacteria-free at any time of day.

ThermBot – The Thermometer

ThermBot is the modern-day thermometer, I suppose. This is not a thermometer that can be inserted into a painful orifice. It doesn’t need a battery to work, and it’s small and portable enough to take with you everywhere you go.

Using USB-C or Lightning, the ThermBot will easily pull power from your iOS or Android device. It checks the forehead temperature from an inch away and provides medically accurate data. You can see if you’re on the verge of a fever or if you’re well enough to eat out this evening in a fraction of a second.

Oura Ring – Health Gadgets

When NBA players were given the Oura health ring to get their health tracked during the Corona pandemic, it made waves. You may wonder why the NBA chose the Oura ring out of all the health gadgets available.

Take a look at the features and you’ll see why.

The Oura bracelet, unlike other fitness wearables, bundles its tracking hardware into such a compact footprint that you won’t even know you’re wearing it.

It just needs to be paid about once a week, so there’s no reason to remove it from your nightstand every day.

The Oura has infrared LEDs, NTC temperature sensors, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope, as well as an accurate and convenient location to record body metrics such as heart rate, HRV, temperature, steps, and more.

The Oura ring is a beautiful looking housing for this measurement technology, even though it is a little more expensive than the typical fitness gadget.

Fitbit Sense – Health Gadgets

Fitbit’s new wellness and exercise tracker, the Sense, was released in 2020. It’s an excellent all-arounder and a well priced wellness device for both millenials and the elderly.

It monitors your stress levels, as well as your body temperature and heart rate. You will be alerted if these metrics reach a trouble zone, giving you peace of mind that your health is being monitored everywhere you go.

There’s a GPS tracker and a slew of other tools, including the ability to workout, accept call and text updates, make purchases, and monitor your Spotify player, much like other Fitbits.

It has a battery life of 6 days (without the GPS switched on) and can be charged in 12 minutes for a full day’s use.

Amazon Halo Wellness Band

By joining the fitness tracker business, Amazon made a significant leap. The Amazon Halo is a screenless wristband that keeps track of the most critical wellness metrics.

It will watch your sleep habits and exercise activities, much like the other wellness gadgets on this list.

The Amazon Halo has a few exclusive characteristics that set it apart from the Fitbit and Apple Watch.

You can test your body composition with the Halo app using only a full-body snapshot. The Halo also analyses the sound of your voice and can tell what mood you’re in based on how you talk. It’s all very intriguing.

The Amazon Halo is only available via their Early Access service in the United States.

Flow 2 Air Quality Monitor

While all of the smart wearables around the world can monitor your heart rate and body temperature, none of them can monitor the air quality around you. The Flow 2 is a sophisticated air quality sensor that alerts you when the air around you is contaminated. Using the app to schedule your travel through the cleanest air or read the quality directly from the computer.

The Flow 2 lasts three days on a single charge and can be attached to your bag while you’re out and about.

QardioArm Blood Pressure Monitor

The QardioArm Blood Pressure Monitor is a portable blood pressure monitor that helps you to track your blood pressure rapidly and easily. It’s an incredibly handy tool for people who like to keep a close watch on their blood pressure and it comes with a downloadable app that monitors tests over time. Wrap it across your arm, let it take a reading, and the information is sent directly to your computer. People who don’t want to make a huge deal out of taking readings won’t have to because of the slim, lightweight box. There’s still no need to be concerned with a giant balloon or trailing tubes.

Muse 2 Headband – Health Gadgets

This device monitors your brain function, and before you swipe past it thinking, “Yeah, right,” consider what we’re saying. According to Muse, the Muse 2 is a “immersive meditation platform that offers real-time updates on your mental well-being.” When connected to the companion app, which tracks your brain function as you listen to calming meditations, you’re expected to wear the headband during supervised relaxing sessions and when connected to the companion app. Although it can seem to be a little woo-woo, many users claim that it has helped them relax. If you’ve ever been curious about meditation but aren’t sure what to do or how it can benefit you, the Muse 2 is a nice place to start.

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The best fitness accessories for 2021 are summed up in this list. Have you seen something that should be added to this list? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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