The 2020 release of the Polish movie 365 Days has already sparked two sequels.

The film has generated controversy since some critics have claimed that the sexual thriller glorifies rape.

In an open letter to Netflix published in 2020, the Welsh singer Duffy claimed that the movie "glamorizes the brutal reality of sex trafficking, kidnapping, and rape."

Movie reviewers who took the effort to do so were mostly unkind. More than 86,000 IMDb users have given it an average rating of 3.3.

However, that didn't stop the release of the movie's sequel, 365 Days: This Day, in April of 2022. And today, on August 19, the third movie, The Next 365 Days, will be released.

The trailer debuted on Wednesday, August 10 on Netflix. The three 365 Days films were adapted from Blanka Lipiska's trilogy of three books.

It is therefore improbable that a fourth film will be released. No news of a fourth film's production has even been made yet.

You may see the third movie right now because it was released on Netflix on Friday, August 19, at midnight PT in the United States

You'll witness what happened to Laura after she was shot since it's set to pick up exactly where the second left off.