Why Val Kilmer's voice didn't need A.I. in Top Gun Maverick

A lot of people were moved by the reunion moment between Tom Cruise's Maverick and Val Kilmer's dying Iceman.

What was it about the scenario that struck such a chord with viewers?

For the first time in 36 years, two of our best performers are back together on film

 portraying these enduring characters to which viewers have become accustomed after viewing "Top Gun" several times

Everyone may connect to seeing them together, facing some really difficult concepts and topics, facing death and having to let go.

People claim that "Maverick emotional "'s experience is what draws viewers in more than the action to return time and time again.

Kilmer, who has dealt with throat cancer, types most of his scene dialogue on the computer.

Does this increase the impact of Kilmer's final speech in the scene?

Kosinski: Every time I've viewed the movie in front of an audience, there has been a response. It is the last few lines that separate them.