What Meghan Markle & Serena Williams talked in Podcast

In her first edition of the "Archetypes" podcast, Duchess Meghan discusses the "negative connotation" ambition has for women, especially the expectation to maintain a certain image as a former senior member of the royal family.

Serena Williams, a close friend and tennis champion who has struggled in recent years to maintain a balance between her public and private life, was the Duchess of Sussex's first visitor.

"The labels and stereotypes that seek to limit women are the subject of my podcast. 

We're going to live within and tear apart the boxes that women have been put into for generations throughout the course of the next 12 episodes. boxes such as "diva," "crazy," "the b-word," "slut," etc." 41-year-old Meghan is introduced.

Added her: "Some of these terms and categorizations are derogatory. They are harsh. And I want to discover where they came from, why they have persisted for so long, and most importantly, how we can get rid of them."

Meghan recounted a challenging time when she had to put duty ahead of motherhood on her royal tour of South Africa with Harry in 2019, knowing the wrath that would have followed had she been open about what was happening.

She said that Archie, now 3 but at the time just under 5 months old, was in the hands of a nanny during one of the visits when a heater in his crib caught fire

 She stated it was fortunate that her son wasn't in the space since the fire was swiftly put out.

The pair obediently showed up for their subsequent official engagement because they felt under pressure to adhere to their strict timetable, according to Meghan.