Roberta is a ‘Scammer’ - Dannielle & Garrick says in  ‘Seeking Sister Wife’

Thousands of cash were sent to Roberta by Garrick and Dannielle.

Roberta's statement breaks the hearts of Dannielle and Garrick after their three and a half year engagement.

They feel cheated financially in addition to emotionally. Dannielle remarked, "I'm so wounded and I'm so angry all at once.

She admitted that Roberta wasn't providing any feedback while she tried to prepare the wedding of Roberta and Garrick.

Garrick starts to show signs of suspicion. Garrick makes a comment to Dannielle that "It's like she orchestrated this the whole time."

Garrick disclosed that he sent Roberta a "huge quantity of money" before going to the US during a talk with friends and relatives.

The following morning, Garrick said, "I got the news that she wasn't coming, after the money cleared her bank account."

Earlier than she ditched them, according to Garrick, he sent her $9,800.

Roberta scammed; Dannielle and Garrick, they believe.

Dannielle can now recognize the warning signs they disregarded thanks to the luxury of hindsight. Was she only using me as a means of payment all along? says Dannielle.

Dannielle and Garrick also admit that they have been sending her money each month to assist take care of her and her mother in addition to the $9,800.