Real 'The Bad Seed Returns' Script was 'Very Dark For TV' says Mckenna Grace

The 16-year-old actress, who also co-wrote and executive produced the upcoming sequel, reprises her part from the original Bad Seed film.

Mckenna stated in an Instagram post ahead of the Lifetime debut that the version showing on the network differs from the one she and her dad initially co-wrote.

Despite the fact that it was a challenging shoot, I truly enjoyed creating this movie.

It was my first time producing a movie, we only had five weeks to shoot it,

the covid chaos was still going strong, I was wrapping up a challenging class for my autumn semester,

and I was also in the fifth month of six days a week of training for another movie.

It was a truly wonderful experience thanks to the actors and crew, some of whom I had worked with on the first movie.

Thank you to everyone who put in so much effort to make this alongside us, especially our director Louise Archambault!

We would also want to thank Patty McCormack, who played the original Bad Seed, for inventing such a beloved role and returning to star in our movie.

Please be patient with me... The movie is different from the script we first created...

For television, our version was too dark, so they had to brighten it up a bit.  I'm eager to continue producing and writing! "I'm done," Mckenna said.