It is Among the shows that have participated in the current television reboot gold rush

"Quantum Leap," NBC's resurrection of its sci-fi thriller from the early 1990s, is possibly the one that deserves a modern remake the most.

Not because "Leap" was a box office success but By the standards of the day, it fared decently enough to be regarded as a cult series

eking out a total of slightly under 100 episodes over five seasons.

The high-concept hook, though, is just as effective now as it was when the program was at its peak.

In the original, Dr. Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula), a talented physicist, was struggling to safeguard the time-travel technology

that the government had been paying for him to develop while having little to show for it.

Beckett uses the technology on himself to demonstrate his theory and rescue the enterprise, with stunning but unfavorable outcomes.

Beckett may fling himself around the space-time continuum

but with each "jump" he enters the consciousness of a different individual who is dealing with a relevant problem.

After helping his most recent protagonist with his solutions, he leaps once more, hoping to arrive in his own timeline this time.