Pauley Perrette -  'I am Still Here' after Massive Stroke last Year

Pauley Perrette claims to have had a "massive stroke" the previous year, yet she is still alive.

In a social media statement published on Friday, the former "NCIS" star stated, "I've gone through a lot in the previous two years."

The former NCIS actress posted a video on social media on Friday with the statement, "It's 9/2 One year ago I suffered a huge stroke.

Prior to that, I lost a lot of close relatives and friends, my father, and then my cousin Wayne.

Despite all of this tragedy, I am still alive and I am still thankful and full of faith. ”

In an instagram video, Perrette spoke to her fans and discussed the "one year anniversary" of her stroke.

"Yes, I'm back and I'm here. She said, "Like how many times do I trick death. "Like I had a hair coloring allergy and almost passed away.

I am a victim of rape and domestic abuse, and I also have food allergies. I survived being attacked by an insane homeless person and am still alive.

Particularly for all of my nearby rescue pets, I'm feeling quite thankful. And I’m here, I’m still here, I feel good.