On Saturday morning, a hastily called national cabinet meeting was conducted to examine the most recent COVID-19 wave. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese then addressed the media.

The administration was under growing pressure to reconsider its decision to stop providing emergency funds to those who must isolate themselves due to COVID but do not have sick leave, which is why the meeting was moved forward.

We have decided to reinstate the pandemic leave catastrophe payout through September 30 of this year in view of the hazards connected with the more contagious new varieties, he added.

"I want to make sure that people aren't left behind, that vulnerable people are taken care of, and that no one is presented with the unfortunate decision of not being able to isolate effectively without losing an income and without being put in a tough circumstance.

According to Albanese, the government will continue making these payments in addition to resuming the Crisis Payment for National Health Emergency through September 30.

The COVID-19 isolation criteria would be met, he added, "ensuring that individuals impacted receive income support payments or study living allowances who are in significant financial distress continue to receive help over the winter months."

The federal government will promote healthy behaviours, including wearing masks inside where social isolation cannot occur, through the use of health messages, the prime minister added.