Olivia Wilde claims that the MPA pressured her into "cutting some shots" from the "Don't Worry Darling" video. 

"I was furious about it because I believed they pushed it up another level," the director remarked of the adjustments made to the trailer.

Oh, right. There was a lot that needed to be removed from the trailer, according to Wilde.

I had to cut certain pictures because the MPA cracked down on me and the trailer at the last minute, which infuriated me because I believed they had upped the ante.

Because "we still live in a fairly puritanical environment" in the United States, where her movie was released, the filmmaker explained the edits. 

 However, she does not believe that sexuality and physical closeness have always been protected or repressed equally.

I do believe that American cinema has been lacking in sexiness lately, she said.

Then, unless you're talking about LGBT movies, "we just don't see very much when it comes to feminine pleasure."

A place where "female characters are permitted to have greater pleasure" onscreen, according to Wilde, is gay cinema