A recent public service advertisement sent to New York City residents stated, "So there's been a nuclear strike." Just be aware that the big one has struck; don't ask me how or why, okay?

I'm a huge proponent of the phrase "Better safe than sorry," he declared. Adams said that the invasion of Ukraine by Russia was what spurred the video, which urged New Yorkers to "Get inside, remain inside, and stay connected."

After what happened in Ukraine, "it was truly taking the required steps to offer preparation," he added. In reference to the terrorist events of September 11, 2001, Adams stated that New York City is a primary target for assaults of all types.

Would you know what to do if a nuclear accident occurred? There is a YouTube video about that if you live in New York City. A public service announcement film explaining the three actions that citizens should follow in the event of a nuclear attack was issued by the city's Department of Emergency Management.

-Quickly enter; do not remain in the vehicle. -Shut all windows and doors while remaining inside. If a basement is available, go there. -If exposed to the elements, take off and bag all outerwear. Keep up with the most recent news

The City of New York came up with a pretty useless PSA on how to protect ourselves from nuclear attack. Follow media? Um, there won't be electricity or media. Then again, we'll all be vaporized so... It pains me to say that there were no nuclear PSAs when Trump was president.