"Nude video allegedly of my is bogus," claims Andhra MP Gorantla Madhav

The TDP had claimed that the MP had abused his authority and sexually harassed the lady after a video of him appearing nude while on a conversation with an unnamed woman surfaced. The woman seems to have screen-recorded the call.

The YSRCP MP claimed that the private footage of him on a video conference with an unnamed woman was "morphed." The opposition TDP called for his resignation after the video went viral on social media.

The woman in the video, who appears to have screen-recorded the call, was allegedly sexually harassed by the notorious MP, according to TDP officials.

Speaking to the media, Madhav asserted that the "false" footage was initially published by the pro-TDP news program AndhraJyothy.

In addition, he implied that the channel was responsible for the plot and threatened to sue for slander.

The MP said that he will also take the matter to the Press Council, High Court, and Supreme Court.

This plot, which aims to harm my name and get me into difficulty, is being carried out by the TDP.

They ought to stand before me, if they have any guts. Without a doubt, I'll file a lawsuit against them.

I've already reported this to the SP and the police investigating cybercrime. Police should look into this plot and prosecute those responsible.