'Mike' on Hulu - Fact-checking - Mike Tyson's Life opens Up

Was Robin Givens' mother indeed present on their first date with Tyson?

Tyson, 56, has harshly criticized the drama, claiming earlier this month on Instagram that Hulu "stole my life narrative."

The third and fourth episodes focus on Tyson's relationships with Robin Givens, who played his first wife, and avaricious ex-promoter Don King (Russell Hornsby) (Laura Harrier).

Young Mike (Zaiden James) is introduced in the first episode of the program as he grows up in a poor Brooklyn area where other children tease him for his weight and lisp. 

One of Mike's prized pet pigeons has its head severed by a bully in an early scene, and the blood is thrown at him. 

Mike assaults the youngster out of fury and learns that he has a fighting talent.

In the last scene of the second episode, 20-year-old Mike (Rhodes) defeats reigning champion Trevor Berbick in a 1986 battle to become the world's youngest heavyweight champion.

Prior to the eagerly awaited battle, Mike agrees to an interview with talk show presenter Joan Rivers (Coley Campany), who fun grills him about his sex and love life.

'Mike' on Hulu - Fact-checking - Mike Tyson's Life opens Up