Matt Chandler's Inappropriate Online Relationship

After acknowledging an inappropriate online relationship, Matt Chandler Steps aside

A few tears Inappropriate internet relationships with women other than his wife were revealed by Matt Chandler, pastor of The Village Church (TVC) and president of Acts 29, on Sunday.

He said he is taking a leave of absence.

Chandler said the connection was "unguarded and imprudent," despite the fact that it was neither romantic nor sexual. 

Chandler's "inability" to perceive the connection for what it was "exposed something not right, something toxic, in me," the TVC elders felt, he said.

For someone in the position that God has put me in, Chandler said, "the number of interactions and the familiarity, which played itself out in kind of crass and dumb humor, is simply not appropriate.

" I'm not sure if it's related to the speed at which I run or the hardship of the previous six or seven years, but I concur with (the TVC elders).

Therefore, they have chosen to put me on a leave of absence out of respect for me and my family, and once again, I think they are justified in doing so.

Since 2002, Chandler, 48, has served as pastor of TVC, a prominent Southern Baptist megachurch in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.