Mariah Carey Shocked Fans at Cedar Point Sandusky

Mariah Carey, a pop music icon, spends the day at Cedar Point in Sandusky.

On Monday, Carey and the 11-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe went to Cedar Point.

If you were at Cedar Point on Monday, a special guest was making her way around the park,

and you might have believed you were experiencing a "dream" moment.

On Labor Day, Mariah Carey, an international singing sensation, paid a trip to the Sandusky amusement park with her twin daughters, Monroe and Moroccan, all 11 years old.

"At Cedar Point, I had the nicest time ever! However, never wear heels again "On Monday night, Carey posted a message on her Instagram account.

Carey took the time to talk to those who recognized the pop icon while they were at the park.

For Moroccan and Monroe, the summer has been generally positive. Nick Cannon, the father of the two, allegedly leased out a water park for the day.

Steve Wright, an assistant basketball coach at Bowling Green State University, captured this image of his kids posing with Carey.