Speaking of Penny Mordaunt and dealing with the EU, Lord Frost says that “she did not master the necessary detail in the negotiations”.

This from the man who was instrumental in negotiating the Brexit deal, including the Northern Ireland protocol, oversaw it becoming part of a legally binding international treaty, then immediately turned around and said it was a crap arrangement, so much so that it justifies breaking the law?

The marshmallow test establishes whether someone can resist temptation by not eating one marshmallow now, resistance being rewarded with two marshmallows after a delay.

Young children usually fail the test – as, I would suggest, do the candidates for Tory leadership (with the possible exception of Rishi Sunak). Immediate tax cuts are favoured at the cost of not getting good public services in the future.

Penny Mordaunt was missing in action while working with Lord Frost to such an extent that he often did not know where in the country she was, friends of the former chief Brexit negotiator have claimed.