With his new hairstyle, LeBron James nearly destroyed the internet.

The Lakers player posted a picture to his Instagram story on Tuesday that showed him with a totally shorn head.

James will turn 38 in December

James is shown in the photo grinning while seated and donning a barber cape.

James' personal barber, Nick "Slick" Castellanos, appears to be standing to the side in the image.

Along with other crying-laughing emoticons, the four-time NBA champion also added a grandfather emoji to the photo.

Despite the fact that James appeared to have shaved his head, some internet users are calling him out.

Twitter critics have also questioned if the image has been manipulated or filtered.

James has been chuckling at hairline jokes for years.

James made fun of his thinning hair and compared it to a 1⁄2 Reese's Peanut Butter Cup in August 2020.