According to Kelly Ripa's new book, she passed out while having sex with Mark Consuelos.

The host of "Live With Kelly and Ryan" remarked that "Sex can be so horrific, I suppose."

She had been in the emergency department when she came to consciousness

"My eyes flicker between the hazy images on the TV, the remains of my ovarian tormentor, and Mark contentedly eating away."

I believe that having sex may be quite stressful, yet one of us is utterly unfazed.

He's there, eagerly chowing down on the saltines and requesting a second apple juice. 

Mark may be visiting a spa or a movie. I'm currently lying flat on my back and pondering when the other two cysts will rupture.

In 2020, Ripa stated that her husband's bulge was everything that others had perceived it to be.

Her then-18-year-old daughter witnessed the pair having sex on Father's Day, which also happened to be the teen's birthday, she said on live in 2019. 

She was described by Ripa as stating, "You just wrecked my birthday and my life."