Georgina Campbell on Her Character's Poor Decisions in Barbarian: "It's a Horror"

The actress remarked of the year's most outrageous horror film, "I'm not sure I would put myself in the same circumstances, but I think it's intriguing."

Every choice Tess, played by Georgina Campbell, takes in the movie "Barbarian," whether it be to trust strangers or reserve an Airbnb in Detroit's seediest neighborhood, seems to be a mistake. 

However, the 30-year-old British actress, who is poised for a huge break in one of the year's craziest, most entertaining horror films, declares, "It's a horror," and she's right. 

Tess may occasionally make morally dubious decisions, but Campbell gives her a strong moral compass, giving her a reason to do so each time she unlocks yet another unsettling dungeon door.

In response to early responses from moviegoers, Campbell remarked, "Lots of people are caught on my character and the decisions she takes." 

She looks educated, but she also seems to be making judgments that are unclear. 

But it's also horrifying at the same time. If she didn't make those choices, where would the movie go?

Knowing that this is a poor path to go adds to the entertainment for the audience.

Zach Cregger, best known as a member of the comedy group The Whitest Kids U Know, wrote and directed "Barbarian," a film that joyously alternates between ludicrous self-awareness and really terrifying horror.