Florence Pugh’s Seductive Acting in ‘Don’t Worry Darling’

There is no doubting Olivia Wilde is an excellent film director.

The actress-turned-filmmaker also creates a seductive and scary thriller with her most recent behind-the-camera project, "Don't Worry Darling."

The movie should be well-received by viewers, who may come to catch a glimpse of the attractive cast, which includes Chris Pine, Florence Pugh, and Harry Styles.

Pugh, a former "Little Women" contender, plays a suburban wife who starts to question reality in the most prominent part;

while there will be supporters for her, the weak points in the writing will keep her on the outside looking in.

Wilde proves she is a genuine filmmaker in more ways than one.

She serves as a reminder to audiences that, in the appropriate position, she can be a fantastic actor.

Wilde has a few standout sequences as the cocktail-swilling neighbor who also harbors some sinister secrets of her own.

Although she won't be nominated, it's fantastic to see her back in shape after her overlooked effort in "Meadowland."