Emily Ratajkowski says that she prefers 'Ugly Men'

For the well-liked he's a 10 trend, Emily Ratajkowski earlier on Sunday published a TikTok duet, which has now gained 5.6 million plays and gone viral.

On the left side of the shot, next to the phrase " When he thinks he's a 10 because he pulled you but you like ugly men." the gifted supermodel, age 31, could be seen.

Sebastian Bear-McClard, 41, and the Gone Girl actress recently divorced in July after she accused him of infidelity. Sylvester, the couple's kid, is one year old.

The actress was shown lounging against a pillow while sporting a red bikini top, and the caption of the film made fun of the fact that she favored "ugly males."

How May I Say This in a Friendly Way? can be heard Emily lip-syncing at the conclusion of the little film.

For legal concerns, this is a joke, the model stated in a caption she added on her own to the TikTok duet.

Social media users immediately assumed that the mother of one was making reference to her divorced spouse.

This trend is definitely designed for you, wrote one follower, while another remarked, "I'm literally fascinated with divorced emrata."

Other ardent supporters of the actress and model also expressed their admiration, with one adding, "This is wonderful."