Colin Kaepernick-Nessa Diab welcome First Baby

Colin Kaepernick, an activist and athlete, and his partner Nessa Diab announced the birth of their first child on Sunday.

In an Instagram post that included a picture of the couple and their child

Diab wrote, "Colin and I welcomed our lovely baby to the world a few weeks ago and we are over the moon with our expanding family."

She cited "today is the first day in a few weeks that I went out for work with a new life title — MOM"

Since this is so very personal to us and I discovered I'm a total mother bear, I wasn't going to share anything.

Recovery after birth has been a challenge (more on that later). The new mom continued.

Colin is the most wonderful father, and I'm so appreciative that he is with us during the entire process.

Diab added, "I know sharing this helps me to connect with you in ways I never thought.

"My interactions with others and daily activities have already changed.