Brandi Carlile Remixes with Her Wife - ‘You and Me on the Rock’

Brandi Carlile Performs a New Version of "You and Me on the Rock" With Her Wife.

Updated versions of the songs are included in the deluxe edition

the deluxe edition of Carlile's In These Silent Days, titled In the Canyon Haze.

With songs like "You and Me on the Rock," Brandi Carlile frequently acknowledges the influence of Joni Mitchell and the Laurel Canyon singer-songwriters in her work.

In the Canyon Haze, a deluxe edition of the album featuring revised, Laurel Canyon-inspired renditions of the tracks

It is being released by Carlile to commemorate the one-year anniversary of In These Silent Days.

An appropriately new rendition of "You and Me on the Rock" with a guest vocal performance by Carlile's wife Catherine serves as the album's first release.

It's a wonderful, simplified version of the song that juxtaposes Brandi's soaring leads with Catherine's deep harmonies.

The minimal instrumental background has the intimacy and coziness of a living room performance while shimmering like distant city lights.