'Boy Meets World' execs made me Strip - Maitland Ward Reveals

Maitland Ward explains how "Boy Meets World" producers forced her undress "more than once" by having her try on lingerie in their office.

The actress, now 45, was 21 when she was chosen to participate in "Boy Meets World,"

her new book details her transition from Disney star to porn performer.

Ward, 45, a proponent of sex positivity, argues that entering the adult film industry has finally provided her with the tough acting parts she's always wanted as well as fame.

She received encouragement from her fans, Fans look up to her for living her life with truth

Ward reveals the false standards that Hollywood imposes on young women in her new book, "RATED X,"

The book is scheduled to be published on September 6, 2022 by Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster.

Hollywood frequently forbids girls from being "too pretty" while preying on them.

In one such "behind-the-scenes" event, Ward claimed that "Boy Meets World" show execs forced her to strip off before she realized the consequences of doing so.

"I was asked to put on undergarments at the "Boy Meets World" producers' office. This happened quite than once since Rachel was the only character who routinely undressed."