Laverne Cox Responds to Being Mistaken for Beyoncé

Laverne Cox, an actress, went to the U.S. Serena Williams was there when the doors were open on Monday, and her presence attracted interest from fans.

But a little mistaken identity led to a lot of discussion on social media after that.

Actor and producer Choni Francis tweeted, "#Beyonce at the #USOpen," along with a short clip of Cox watching from courtside.

In contrast, Beyoncé was nowhere to be found at the tournament's Queens, New York, site.

Most individuals may easily recognize Cox as a famous person.

She is an Emmy Award-winning producer in addition to becoming the first openly transgender person to appear on the cover of Time and several other publications.

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Cox is most recognized for her acting, and she has acted in both the well-liked miniseries Inventing Anna and the blockbuster Netflix series Orange Is the New Black.

Cox handled the mistake well and posted the footage to her Instagram. She also added a few tweets making light of the error made by the original poster.