Ashley Judd reveals her Nightmares - Fans Shocked

Ashley Judd describes the pain of seeing her mother Naomi Judd's death: "Holding her laboring body haunts my dreams."

Ashley claims she was unable to be with her mother as she breathed her last breaths because she was subjected to a barrage of forceful and coerced questioning by the local police.

Recently, legendary country singer Naomi Judd's daughter Ashley Judd spoke candidly about the awful events that took place when she discovered her mother following her suicide in April.

When she recalled discovering her mother still alive and embracing her, the 54-year-old recalled that day as "the most shattering day of her life."

Judd said, "The pain of finding and then holding her groaning corpse haunts my dreams.

Ashley Judd reveals her Nightmares - Fans Shocked

All she wanted to do was console her mother, but police officers started questioning her and kept her away from Naomi in the final minutes of her life, leaving her feeling "cornered and powerless."

I tried to reassure her that she would soon see her father and younger brother when she "went away home," as we say in the Appalachian region, said Judd.

Instead, without being given the opportunity to choose when, when, or how to participate, I started a series of interviews that I felt were forced upon me and kept me from witnessing the beautiful end of my mother's life.