Anne Heche was trapped in Burning car for 45 minutes before being Rescued

LAFD tapes show that Anne Heche was stuck in her automobile for 45 minutes before being rescued from her burning home.

A week later, on August 12, the deceased actress passed away from thermal burns and smoke inhalation, according to the official coroner's findings.

The recordings, which NBC4's I-Team was able to get and date and time stamp, revealed that it took firemen 20 minutes to find Heche in her car and an additional 20 minutes to remove it from the blazing Mar Vista home so that she could receive medical attention.

According to LAFD Deputy Chief Richard Fields, "with the severe fire and smoke circumstances, it wasn't like you could easily see into the truck or obviously be able to approach it.

He said, "I will tell that where the individual was in the car was not in the driver's seat, but on the floorboard of the passenger seat," noting that Heche was not found in the driver's seat.

One fireman found "a person stuck inside the vehicle" when LAFD initially arrived at the residence at 11:01 a.m. local time, according to the site.

Fields subsequently told NBC4 that Heche was not the "patient who was recognized originally" but rather the individual who was there in the house.

Around 11:49 a.m., Heche was extricated from the rubble using powerful towing machinery before being transported to the hospital in an ambulance.

We have one patient in the car who is being evaluated and is ready to be transferred onto the stretcher for transport, a firefighter stated.