Amy Adams Returns as Princess Giselle in the 'Disenchanted' Teaser for the 'Enchanted' Prequel

The first teaser for "Disenchanted," the eagerly anticipated follow-up to Kevin Lima's fantasy musical "Enchanted," was unveiled to the press and fans

Six-time Oscar nominee Amy Adams returns to the role of Giselle in "Disenchanted," which is set 15 years after the events of the first movie.

Giselle is a sing-songy, whimsical, animal-loving princess who gives up her fantastical life to wed Robert, a cynical New York divorce attorney played by the ever-dashing Patrick Dempsey.

Both Idina Menzel, who plays Robert's ex-turned-fairy princess Nancy, and James Marsden, who portrays Giselle's former prince charming Edward, return in their roles.

Adam Shankman, known for the 2007 "Hairspray" adaptation, is the film's director.

Giselle and Robert decide to relocate their family to the suburban community of Monroeville after Giselle becomes weary of living in the city.

This includes Robert's daughter Morgan, who is portrayed in the follow-up by Gabriella Baldacchino (originally by Rachel Covey).

 They soon encounter the unsavory Malvina Monroe, a real estate salesperson who is quick to make Giselle feel bad about her family's fixer-upper property. Malvina Monroe is portrayed by Maya Rudolph.