6-Minutes Standing Ovation for Cate Blanchett’s Performance in ‘Tar’

Cate Blanchett's performance in "Tar" receives a six-minute standing ovation from the festival audience.

For her performance as a determined composer and conductor in Todd Field's classical music drama, the actress is already receiving significant awards talk.

There was talk about Cate Blanchett's performance in Todd Field's Tár before anyone had ever watched it.

Unseen, it was predicted that Blanchett would win her third Oscar for the performance in which she portrays the fictitious Lydia Tár, 

 who is regarded as one of the finest living composers and conductors and the first female head conductor of a major German orchestra.

Following the screening, the crowd at the early-evening gala rose to their feet in support of Blanchett and Field, giving them each a six-minute standing ovation.

The Venice audience erupted in boisterous applause and screams of "bravo!" and "brava!" for Field and Blanchett.

The shouting hordes of people clamoring for photos and autographs used the first Venice festival since the COVID outbreak to get access to the red carpet