Binance Copy Trading App

What are the steps for installing and verifying the Binance copy trading app?

In this article, we’ll go through how to use the Binance Copy Trading App and the identity verification procedure.

After you’ve completed the installation, the next step is to verify your identity.

Click on the profile icon in the top left corner to open it.

Verification should be selected.

Select one of the options to verify that you have an English ID card or a valid passport.

It will allow you to submit photos of your ID card or passport.

Please upload the necessary documentation.

It will ask for intelligent verification once you submit the papers. For intelligent verification, it will take your selfie, which you must put your face in the camera frame for.

Intelligent verification may require you to perform certain actions when shooting a selfie, such as blinking your eyes, moving your head, or opening your lips. You must follow these instructions.

Following that, you will receive an email.

It will take up to 24 hours for confirmation, after which you will see a green tick on the Binance Verification page that says “Verified.”

Cryptocurrencies For 2022
Cryptocurrencies For 2022

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies For 2022 To Get 10x-100x Profit.

As we approach the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, we will recommend certain cryptocurrencies that will bring you a 10x-100x profit.

Some metaverse projects are included below, as well as some web3 projects that are suggested.

The majority of them can be found on Binance, while some can be found on and Hotbit.

Metaverse Projects are as following :

SAND || Available on binance

MANA || Available on binance

UFO || || Available on binance

THETA || Available on binance

MATIC || Available on binance

GALA || Available on binance

1INCH || Available on binance

BLOKTOPIA || Available on HOTBIT and

Now Some recommended projects of WEB3

GRT || Available on binance

FIL || Available on binance

ZIL || Available on binance

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