A Simple Detox Bath for Helping to Eliminate Heavy Metals

You can get chelation treatment with little luck with some results, or you can do this simple wash, once, twice or thrice at a cost but get the best results.
Buy at least 5 pounds of bentonite clay from a typical woman, allowing an extra pound of clay for every 20 pounds of human body weight, up to 10 pounds for adult. But this treatment is not recommended for obese, sick, or elderly people, as toxins can be very serious. You can label Google the Aztec Mud label or just plain bentonite clay online or find it at other health food stores.
1. Run as warm water as possible if you are in a good position. You will need to prevent excessive discharge with a washcloth or plug so that the tub fills as deep as you need for this immersion.
2. Sprinkle most of the clay in a little water, putting one pound aside. (If your tub is one of those larger, you will need an extra pound or two of clay.) Swipe the clay around in water to melt it properly.
3. Get into the bathtub as you fill, slink down and allow to fill up to the top of your shoulders. Raising the water temperature is hotter if you are in it it is easier to take than hot water in the beginning. It’s okay if your knees stick out. Make it as hot as possible if you can tolerate it safely.
4. Mix the last pound of clay in a bowl with hot water until it resembles a clay mask. Not too fast. Put the mask on your face, neck and around your head. Yes, even on your hair to remove toxins from the head and brain. Of course, do not cover your eyes.
5. Dip in bathtub for at least 20 minutes. For best results, wait until the water begins to cool.
6. Before going out, rinse your head and neck under running water and stand and wash your whole body under a shower while the bath is still draining. Wrap from head to toe in towels after drying.
7. You do not have to worry about bentonite in the pipes. Bentonite will actually do some beating when it comes out. Make sure you take the bath properly so that the mud does not cover the bathtub.
8. Drink a glass of clean water before bathing and take one after bathing.
9. After that, you want to lie down and relax or fall asleep, as you may not feel tired or woozy. It is good to give the body more time to recover from the detox. Also, wrap a blanket over the towels and keep it covered to prevent freezing.
You will see when you enter the bathtub that the light color is sandy. You will see when you go out that it is gray, even black or black, depending on how much heavy metal has been removed from your system.
A Simple Detox Bath for Helping to Eliminate Heavy Metals
This is one of the ways to measure your detox progress – if your next bath water comes out light at the end, you do well. Continue bathing, until the water is finally clear as before. Also, on days when you plan to take a toxic bath, eat small amounts and drink plenty of good water to remove any stimulants.
This bath is a necessity for children these days, as they get so many vaccines built on the basis of heavy metal. Studies have linked heavy metals, especially mercury (which can enter the brain), to ADD / ADHD, autism disorders and aluminum in Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Also, never allow mercury, gold, aluminum or any other heavy metal in your teeth or in your children.
Most adults have absorbed heavy metals and toxins from opponents, processed foods, cooking in aluminum pots, dental work, etc. We could all use at least one of these baths, if not for a series of three or five or ten. our life is back on track and looking at a higher standard of living from now to the future.
Cheryl Salerno has been a student of complete health principles and practices since the 1970s, starting with a comprehensive health study by Edgar Cayce. He is a ULC minister with a long-term healing practice of central New Jersey with clients around the world. Her expertise eliminates unexplained symptoms that appear after surgery, childbirth, injuries (sports, spontaneous, assault, falls, IEDs) and severe recovery from rape and sexual abuse. Usually the body itself seems to heal but challenging symptoms – such as depression, anxiety, nightmares, panic, suicidal thoughts, mood swings, etc. – persist and are often mistreated with inactive drugs to cut the cause, just to suppress the symptoms as they grow deeper and deeper. With the exception of those injured, other serious experiences (surgery, childbirth, etc.) can be resolved usually within a short time and the person can complete the healing process.


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