The Negative Side Effects of Intermittent Fasting

There are some negative things that come with intermittent fasting


so one of the first negative side effects that you’re probably going to experience is you’re going to feel a lot hungrier especially in the beginning you’re probably going to be or irritable and you’re going to feel hungry and you’re just not going to like it but this is just an adjustment period your body will get used to it there’s a two to four week period where your body adjusts to your new way of eating so you just have to be patient in the meantime make sure that you’re eating enough nutrient-dense foods even if you’re not ready to healthy foods at least eat one nutrient-dense meal out of the day make sure that it’s packed with enough protein enough fiber enough fat enough nutrients to keep you full throughout the day so you’re not breaking your fast too early so make sure that you’re getting enough nutrient dense foods throughout the day because you’re hungry and hungry period will pass I promise give it two to four weeks

another negative side effect that you may experience is you’re going to feel cold but this is a good thing I mean it’s not fun to be cold but being cold is a good thing that means that intermittent fasting is working basically what’s happening is your blood flow is being increased your fat stores which helps to move the fat to your muscle which then helps your muscles to burn the fat as fuel which help you to lose weight so it’s not necessarily a bad thing to be pulled but it does suck to feel cold so make sure that you’re bringing extra jackets with you wherever you go and extra layers if you have to or if you’re at home you can always take a warm shower or warm bath or you can always try sipping on some warm coffee or some warm tea to help you warm up but like I said this will pass as well but if you’re continuing to feel cold for a very long time I would like you to check with your doctor and get your iron levels checked because low iron can make you feel cold as well.


The Negative Side Effects of Intermittent Fasting

another negative side effect of intermittent fasting is having low energy your body is not used to having such little amounts of meals throughout the day your body’s used to having five six seven meals a day and your body is like um excuse me where’s all my meals so your body’s going crazy giving you low energy but this will pass as well so don’t worry about it but in the meantime make sure that you’re eating enough nutrient-dense foods and getting what you need if you feel like you can’t get enough nutrients throughout the day try supplementing your nutrients for me what I like to do is I like to take athletic greens these have 75 different vitamins in it so you can take it in powder form like this or you can take a multivitamin with the supplements that you need but make sure that you’re getting enough nutrients so you’re not feeling like you have low energy and can’t go throughout your day.


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Lastly another negative effect of intermittent-fasting are headaches now there are a whole bunch of different reasons why you can get headaches you can get headaches from caffeine with-drawl ,low blood sugar and also dehydration so for caffeine with-drawl if you guys feel like you can’t make it to your eating window and you just go crazy without caffeine you could try drinking some unsweetened green tea that has caffeine in it and that can hold you over until you can get your coffee if you guys have headaches from low blood sugar like I said throughout the whole video make sure that you’re eating enough nutrient-dense foods and if you’re getting headaches from dehydration make sure that you’re drinking enough water with electrolytes or you could have pink Himalayan salt or Celtic salt you can put that in your water and drink it if you don’t want to dump that and your water and drink that and have that nasty taste for a long time you can just put some on your hand and lick that off or you can put some underneath your tongue and drink that throughout the day but you don’t have to put it completely in your water and drink that you can always just quickly lick it off and drink it I know it sounds really weird but it gets the dawn faster and makes it easier.


So those are my tips for you guys to help you guys throughout this negative part of intermittent fasting.

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