What to Gift to Medical Student / Doctor? Interesting Dilemma!

If you need help finding a Gift for either a pre-medical or medical student in your life, this article is for you.

I’m going to go over some of the most helpful gadgets that I’ve accumulated over the years. And these are things that are truly helpful for any student

  • So, number one; I started getting really into this when I was in medical college because you’re sitting and studying for prolonged periods and you get sore. You get, you know, knots in your back; maybe your butt’s got a little bit sore from sitting too long, I know your posture hasn’t been the best, things like that. so first I have a lacrosse ball and you can get this for literally like 600-800 rupees or 5-7 dollars on Amazon or online stores. You can roll on this on your foot if you’re at a standing desk like I am, you can you know, push it against the wall, roll on your chest, things like that.


  • Item number two, a slim wallet. This – I don’t know why it took me so long to get one of this. I was actually an intern in surgery and at the beginning, you know, the first month, my Professor was like, “Hey Ishtiaq, why are you carrying like a big bulky wallet?” and then he like whipped out his slim wallet, I was like, “oh, that actually looks really really convenient especially when you’re wearing scrubs”. So I got one of this and I have never looked back since and you can fit so many things in here. And even if you’re not in scrubs, its just less bulky, whether it’s jeans, slacks, whatever, definitely worth it.

  • Okay next up is going to be a power bank. So these are generally useful for most people, but even more so when you’re a medical student working in the hospital, because hospitals usually have terrible reception on your phones and as a result, your phone will just drain that much faster. You don’t wanna put your phone on airplane mode because you sometimes need to get SMS or phone calls from your ward fellows or family / friends and that would just look bad if they can’t get a hold of you.

  • Okay, for the next item, This next purchase is one of my favorites in the last several months and it only cost me 4000 – 5000 rupees or $25. This is a phone mount and wireless charger, all built-in one. it comes with this little protective film so it doesn’t actually scratch your phone and then all you need to do is, you literally just take your phone, it sticks there with the magnet and it automatically starts charging. So, super simple, super easy to use and extremely convenient, anytime I need to drive somewhere and I wanna listen to music or have navigation, I literally just take my phone out of my pocket, boom, it’s there and ready to go. I don’t even mess with any mounts, I don’t need to plug in any cables, it’s just a really simple elegant solution that I definitely recommend especially if you drive frequently.

  • Alright, next up we got music; so, two things, first headphones, they are first of all wireless and so you can put foam on them which just actually act like earplugs, great for when you’re studying or just trying to block out noise because you don’t have to crank up the volume and damage your ears, you just have this little like miniature earplugs in your ear and it works wonders, so that’s noise isolation.


What to Gift to Medical Student or Doctor? Interesting Dilemma !

  • And lastly, this is gonna be the most expensive item on the list, this is the Smart stethoscope. I do believe that this is the future of medical education, having these smart devices like a smart stethoscope which can really help medical students learn auscultation skills. They also have attachments where you can hook this up to a traditional stethoscope and get the smart functionality included. So, the cool thing is you can actually record the sounds you hear with the stethoscope, you can see the way it forms, it’s really useful as a tool in teaching students how to auscultate, how to learn the different heart sounds, how to learn different murmurs all that good stuff. If you know a med student or soon to be med student who needs a stethoscope, I would definitely advise getting one of this Smart stethoscopes.

Alright guys, thank you all so much for reading this article, i hope i answered this tricky question – What to Gift to Medical Student or Doctor?

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