Six ways: How to stay Positive for Doctors

Hey guys, I’m Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad

This article is about how we actually have to work to stay positive during tough working days / times and it doesn’t just come naturally So here’s a article of six ways that I actually worked to stay positive especially on those tough days

So here come six strategies for you to stay positive! Okay

  1. tip number one: the positive rantSo, we all know the negative rant, right? Like, you have a bad experience and you just want to get it off your chest and talk to everyone about it and you really do feel better, that is a valid way of dealing with emotions for sure, but why not have the positive rant too? Why not talk about your a great day or talk about how you had a great experience on call? I just had that experience today where I was talking with a friend and we just went on and on about how much we liked our current staff and the way he was teaching and the way we were learning and we had expectations and we felt like in a month, we were going to be better doctors for it. And all of a sudden the next day you walk in and you’re feeling that positivity about your staff and about your team. So it kind of feeds forward.
  2. tip number two is to focus on people and stories rather than just getting tasks done Actually, one of the tips that a staff physician gave me was to ask older couples: how long have you been together? Or: how did you guys meet? And I just loved it! when you see these 90 year old who just light up and they start telling you this story – that’s a real interaction and it feels so positive.
  3. Tip number three: music. I mean you put on a good playlist and you just feel the energy, right?. I don’t know about you, find your playlist guys
  4. Tip number four: reframe a negative interaction. So, okay, I can give you a good example actually from last week So I was on the phone with someone in the hospital and they were so rude to me I was shocked actually and it left sort of this awful feeling afterwards. And rather than carrying that around all day, kind of just weighed on your shoulders. Instead, I decided to just make up a story. So: oh man, he must have had a terrible day, someone must have been really rude to him, or he must just be worked so hard, or maybe something really bad just happened. Maybe their family member is ill; maybe he was up all night because his daughter was sick. Who knows? It doesn’t even have to be true. In fact, it definitely isn’t true. But, the point is, by creating a story I’m able to be more empathic towards another human and somehow things just roll off your shoulders then, you don’t have to carry that with you. So I’m not saying that it’s okay that he was rude to me, but I am saying that I have a choice to carry that with me or not Okay,
  5. so number five: now, this is sort of when you’re not feeling quite right and you don’t really know why, and you’re just not feeling it yourself – think of the acronym HALT. And, that stands for: am I hungry, angry, lonely, tired? And let’s actually add another T – so HALTT because I got a great comment from my one colleague: you know when you’re thirsty, that can also do it. So, from now on I’m going to think HALLT when I’m not feeling quite right, and try to fix those things if you can.
  6. And six, last but not least: take a moment to take a scenic route when you’re walking. It may seem like a really really little detail but for me anyway those couple of seconds where I’m walking and I choose to go by the window, for instance, rather than down the hallway, where you don’t see light forever, in that moment, I take a breath, I look outside. I just allow my body to sort of relax a little bit It’s just a moment in the day of bliss, for me anyway. So I think find those moments for yourself, find those moments in your workplace or anywhere, and take those for yourself – you deserve it! Take that moment.

Six ways: How to stay Positive for Doctors

Sheikh Zayed Postgraduate Medical Institute, Lahore Admissions

So there’s actually literature written on positive psychology and they found that if you take the time to be grateful, so make an effort to be grateful, that people actually find more satisfaction in their life.

So there are tons of other ways to work on your personal wellness, whether that’s exercise, spending time with your friends, having hobbies – these are just six of the ways that I work on staying positive, especially on those tough days like that call shift. So, comment below and let me know: Do you have any other ways that you stay positive throughout the day? Thanks so much for reading this article guys. Don’t forget visit my website and read other articles and I hope that you have an awesome, positive, great week ahead of you.