Littmann Classic III vs Littmann IV

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I’m planning to break it down, undergo all the most aspects and variations and build your selection very easy.

Weight:the Classic III weights 158 grams that is  5 ounces, the Littmann IVweighs 171 grams, 
that is six ounces.

Acoustics: Classic III got four out of 5 stars. The Littmann IV received 5 out of 5 stars, therefore they are each really expert acoustic, and therefore the reason it got 5, the Littmann IV, it’s got twin lumen tube that is nice for acoustics. The Classic II has single lumen tube.

Tubing length: the Classic III is seventy one centimeters long that is roughly twenty seven inches, and therefore the Littmann IV is sixty nine centimeters long that is additionally roughly twenty seven inches. If you hold ’em up along, you’ll see that the distinction is slight and therefore the Classic III is simply that tiny bit longer.
The tube feel of the Classic III and therefore the medicine IV, a touch bit sticky on your neck, gets caught in your neck hairs, however they’re basically, precisely the same.

Spare kit: with the Classic III you’ll get a collection of soppy ear-tip, a non-chill rim and a user manual. With the Littmann IV, you’ll get a collection of soppy ear-tips, a collection of exhausting ear-tips, anon-chill rim and a user manual. Therefore basically simply an additional set of exhausting ear-tips with the medicine IV.

The warrant: Classic III, five years, Littmann IV six years.

offer the stethoscopes a score of fifty and therefore the Classic III received a score of thirty-nine out of fifty and therefore the Littmann IV got a forty out of fifty. therefore they are basically quite similar.



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Littmann  IV vs MDF 777

just confine your mind that they’re completely different stethoscopes, the Littmann IVhas dual-lumen conduit and also the MDF 777 has single lumen conduit.

Weight: the Littmann  IV weighs 171 grams that is six ounces and also the MDF 777 weighs a hundred ninety grams that is seven ounces.

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Acoustics = 5 out of 5 stars for acoustics, the MDF triple seven received four out of 5 stars, nice acoustics on each the stethoscopes, the Littmann IV is superior owing to the dial-lumen conduit.

Tubing length: the Littmann  IV is sixty nine centimeters long that is twenty seven inches and also the MDF 777 is seventy eight centimeters that is thirty one inches the distinction long is that a lot of.

Spare kit: with the Littmann medical specialty IV you’ll receive a group of arduous ear-tips, software package tips and non-chill rim and also the user manual with the MDF 777 you’ll receive 2 sets of ear-tips size tiny and enormous, a plastic diaphragm, a reputation tag and a user manual.

Warranty: The Littmann IV comes with a seven year warrantee and also the MDF 777 comes with a free elements for keeps on producing defects.

offer them a score of fifty. The Littmann  IV has received a score of forty or fifty and also the MDF 777 received thirty one  out of fifty.

Do confine your mind that they’re completely different stethoscopes, dual-lumen, single lumen, however primarily 2 nice stethoscopes.